Woven PE for UV printing    NZ7212UV   

  • Brand: NAR
  • Alias: PE Fabric
  • Category: Non-PVC Printing Media

  • non-toxic, pollution-free,100% recoverable and degradable;
  • UV-resistance treatment;
  • Lightweight, easy to fold, processe and transport;
  • Easy for hot splicing, high frequency stitching, Available for sewing and paste
  • Excellent spreading properties, superior tear resistance; suitable for large format billboards;
  • Weight: 110gsm
  • Width: 3.20m/4.20m
  • Length: 50m
  • Carton Box/Hard Paper Tube/Pallets

Main Use:

Commercial Sign,displays;Home Decoration;Sports banner & Election signs;

Equipment and Process Adaptation:

UV inkjet printer,

  • Commercial Sign,displays
  • Home Decoration
  • Sports banner & Election signs

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