Dull Polish Floor vinyl    NL4210   

  • Brand: NAR
  • Alias: Floor Vinyl
  • Category: Cold Lamination Film

  • Anti-skidding and wear resistant, protecting pictures, adding third dimension
  • Good flatness on surface and resistance to shrinkage
  • Easily cleaning, keep the graphics with high definition;
  • anti-skidding,wear resistant, protect the graphics and enhance third dimension;
  • Film: PVC film, 180micron
  • Adhesive: Semi-removable clear adhesive
  • Liner: One side PE,120gsm
  • Width: 0.914m/1.06m/1.27m/1.52m
  • Length: 50m
  • Carton Box/Hard Paper Tube/Pallets

Main Use:

vehicle advertising;Home Decoration;Electronic products Decoration;

Equipment and Process Adaptation:


  • Vehicle Advertising
  • Home Decoration
  • Electronic products Decoration

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