Analysis of textile fabric as the advantages of printing materials can not be replaced


1 Environmental protection:

Here we must clarify the concept of environmental, which includes three levels of meaning: not harmful to humans, biodegradable in the natural environment for natural resources, especially non-renewable resource consumption, at least not in line with the latter two acrylic . Cloth-like material is different, compared to other advertising materials, to be more environmentally friendly.

2 Portable folding for easy transport:

The most important feature is the lightweight fabric, of course, photo paper, PP material (people paper) is also lightweight, but the cloth folding, the latter are not available, the volume Ye Hao, Ye Hao off, will not have died off, this is too important in terms of the advertising material, and can be rolled up or folded away, greatly reducing transportation costs and, more importantly, folding can be reused, re-use is also environmentally friendly.

3 Flexible:

Soft cloth and other materials resistant to tensile strength is not available, because gentle, the flag can be done, such as NAR mirror banner ZT1090; as to take the air, it can be done hanging the flag pole, such as the NAR textile banner ZD152; because the natural sag You can do banners; because it is not reflective, you can do the stage background, such as NAR printing textile fabrics ZD1210; because of resistance to pull in any shape can be stretched to use the framework of ... ..., in short, it is almost omnipotent.

4 The beautiful:

Marked with color screen after soft cloth, combined with non-reflective and natural sag, it does give a special beauty advertising. Many viewers see a beautiful pattern in the time of the first reaction is to touch it, and cloth, feels absolutely feel much better than the light cloth, his more natural, no artificial light cloth like feel, which makes and advertising a wonderful interaction between the advertising effect will be different.

5 The cost advantage:

China is a big country textile, fabric is relatively inexpensive; cloth is also easy to transport; more 
importantly, the domestic advertising device has basically been made??, the price is low, labor is cheap printing, so you can imagine, the use of the Internet, we use locally produced Printer, ink localization, local cloth, place the screen printing and exporting finished products to the world, this is such a big advantage.