Be thankful for your partners, gather the potential to make win-win situation.


       From July 21st to July 22nd,
the domestic representative conference ended in Pudong district, Shanghai NAR company headquarters. The theme of the conference is “Be thankful for your partners, gather the potential to make win-win situation;.

      The meeting for a period of two days, has reached the expected results of learn together, enhance mutual trust, deep cooperation between manufacturers.

     At 8:30 on July 21st, the supplier representative arrived in Shanghai NAR company headquarters. B
right welcome banner, LED welcome banner, festive signature wall, concise and relaxed atmosphere without losing your enthusiasm.

      At the beginning of the meeting, the welcome speech from company's deputy managing director Mr Wang is enthusiastic, ebullient and quietly confident. Then, our general manager Mr Tao introduced the company channel system and the development idea, to make all dealer representatives have a sense of belonging and identity.

      After a brief new product launch, all of representatives feel that the new products was so rich and colorful which is no attention in daily work, for example, NV6410 which is clear removable adhesive vinyl, IV3200 which is premium polymeric with grey removable adhesive vinyl, NO6610 for Interior Amount O.W.V, NV5030- PVC Wall Film, NV5510 with CCK liner, NT1611-soft textile, NT1210Z- Mirror Banner with Liner. After a short exchange fair, it obtained the warm response, due to several peoples play an order at the scene, so that they missed the chance to take a photo.

      After lunch, A cultural feast begins! Shanghai NAR invited Mr Cui who is has a wealth of marketing experience and marketing training to show us a lesson that manufacturers hand in hand, create new concept to win business and the future development trend of marketing.

      Training course focus on current domestic market situation, combined with the actual situation, participants while listening to the record, while asking questions. Discussion, question, explanations, identity, we did not enjoy the atmosphere of this mutual exchange and the collision of spirit for a long time. Unconsciously, we finished our marketing lesson, but everybody hope more time, then took a group photo reluctantly.

       The early morning of July 23rd, all of representatives embarked on the return journey, we are not reluctant to leave, we are deeply impressed by the event. Unforgettable old and new friends, unforgettable this Thanksgiving trip from Shanghai NAR, and look forward to meet again in the coming year.