NAR new products recommend of 2012 :Interior O.W.V.-NT10146,Interior O.W.V. with Double Sides printing-NT10206,Interior S.A.V. with Double sides pritning-NT20020


All fashionable materials were in NAR. We combine the Latest digital printing technology, research, produce the most leading products. 

Interior amount products Series(Patent Number: CN 102343692 A、CN 201856413 U) :Interior O.W.V.-NT10146,Interior O.W.V. with Double Sides printing-NT10206,Interior S.A.V. with Double sides printing-NT20020. This series of products use a special manufacturing process which can directly print on the adhesive surface but the adhesive is almost unaffected, with high color reproduction, easy to be posted inside of the glass, and could avoid erosion by the outside environment, to keeping the image brightly. Interior Double side transparent film and double sides vinyl: Can be double-sided printing without disturbing another sight, especially for shopping malls, bus ads, subway ads. Doubles the amplification effect of publicity, reduce advertising costs and enhance the added value.     

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