NAR joined in the HP Independent Media vendor program on June, 2010. NAR cooperate with HP R&D team on the Registered Latex Developer program which test and develop medias for specific HP Latex series printer.


As one of the registered media vendors in China, NAR has the following product which pass the test on HP DesignJet L25500 & L65500 large format printer:  Self Adhesive vinyl, Coated Fabric textile,  one way vision,fontlit banner,Eco-backlit film etc. The testing location is HP Latex solution Asian testing center. Those products have good compatibility with Latex eco-friendly ink. The prints outs have good image quality. The water proof and scratch ability pass HP Latex solution Asian testing center standard.


Based the agreement on HP Independent Media vendor program, Nar have the right to use the HP logo on the packaging and/or product literature in order to communicate to resellers and end users its validation status.


In accordance with the agreement between us, the user can browse the HP Web site to NAR products infomation query.


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hp_l65500_nar_nb530g_440_backlitbanner_250_10p_With limitation.rar